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Sleeve Gastrectomy

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Prof.Dr.Ahmet Ziya Balta

With the knowledge, practice and experience gained with thousands of happy patients over 25 years, you are in safe hands.

Nutritionist and Life Coach

With the support of a private bariatric dietitian and life coach, we provide you with a healthy and fast weight loss in a short time without skin sagging.

Private Hospital Comfort

Experienced and highly specialized healthcare personnel and FDA-approved equipment is used in the treatment.

Gastric sleeve surgery offers patients who have had weight problems for years and have not reached the desired weight, the opportunity to get rid of the health problems, psychological problems and co-morbidities brought about by obesity and reach their goals. With the reduction process applied to the stomach, the amount of food eaten and appetite decrease. Although it varies from person to person, it is possible for patients to lose an average of 10 kilos per month and this figure can go even higher. Doctors expect the patient to loose 15-20 kilos in the first month. With the surgical intervention, most of the area where the hunger hormone is located in the stomach is removed, so patients feel less hungry. Accordingly, they start to lose weight rapidly and get rid of 70-80% of their excess weight in the first 2 years after the surgery. Thus, they spend the rest of their lives achieving their dreams and in a healthy way.

How is Sleeve Gastrectomy Performed?
This surgery is usually performed with a closed (Laparoscopic) method. During this surgery, approximately 75-80% of the stomach is removed under the guidance of a tube placed in the stomach temporarily through the mouth and the stomach volume is reduced.In addition, since the hormone (Gharelin)secretion that is secreted from the removed area of stomach and triggers off the decreases of hunger feeling , a feeling of satiety occurs with a small amount of food after the surgery. Weight control is achieved with a new diet and exercises after the surgery.

After Sleeve Gastrectomy

Gastric sleeve surgery takes about 1 hour. You can get out of bed and start walking within 2-6 hours after the surgery. Then, 48 hours later, a diet in the form of sugar-free liquids is started. According to the patient's ability to tolerate nutrition, a new diet is started with phases such as liquid, puree and finally switching to normal nutrition. Most patients are discharged within 2-3 days.

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Sleeve Gastrectomy

Regardless of the type of obesity surgery, there is a risk of regaining weight at certain rates in cases where diet and lifestyle are not taken into account. This risk is around 30% for sleeve gastrectomy surgery.

2-3 weeks after being discharged from the hospital, you can enter the sea or the pool.

You can start walking with support 2-6 hours after your surgery. After discharge, you will be able to start your own daily needs at home. After about 7-10 days, office-style desk jobs can be started. Driving is appropriate after the 10th day.

The first 1-1.5 years after bariatric surgery is a period of rapid weight loss and during this period the diet changes and vitamin and mineral support may be required. Similarly, pregnancy is a process where metabolism accelerates and vitamin and mineral needs increase. Therefore, getting pregnant in the early postoperative period may harm both the mother and the baby due to malnutrition.

Sports activities in the form of light walks can be started 1 week after leaving the hospital. The pace and duration of walking should be done for 30 minutes a day and at least 3 days a week, depending on the condition of the person before the surgery. After the surgery, salon exercises can be started 1-1.5 months later, and again with low-intensity training, and strength can be increased over time.

After making sure that there is no leakage, feeding with water is started on the first day after sleeve gastrectomy surgery, accompanied by a dietitian. Then, your new diet that is specially prepared for you, that is, the liquid-pure-solid transition diet is reconstituted.

The first control is done in the 1st week. At this time, the stitcs are removed, if any. Then, controls are made at 1-3, 6 and 12 months for the first year, every 6 months for the second year, and once a year thereafter.

After gastric sleeve surgery, hospitalization for 2-3 days is sufficient.

Postoperative leaks are most common in the first 5-7 days and are very rare after the 10th day. For this reason, the first week after sleeve gastrectomy is very important.

Supportive treatment is required after obesity surgeries, as protein and vitamin intake may be limited in the early stages, as a new diet is started. Multivitamin and protein powder (as sports food) should be used for the first 3 months after sleeve gastrectomy surgery.

In addition to the general harms of smoking and alcohol use on health, it also increases the risk of complications after sleeve gastrectomy surgery. Alcohol also causes weight gain due to its high calorie content. For all these reasons, it is recommended to quit smoking 2 months before the surgery. Alcohol consumption after surgery should not be used for the first 6 months, and then it can be used considering its harmful effects, provided that it is limited.


Ahmet Ziya Balta

Hello everyone,

I continued my education life, which started in a small village in Trabzon's Yomra district, then in Ankara Gülhane Military Medical Academy, which I won in 1989. After graduation, I have always proudly represented my country in my duties both at home and abroad as both a good surgeon and a patriotic soldier. As a surgeon, my priority has always been my patients, as a soldier my priority has always been my homeland, and as a son, my priority has always been my family. My goal has always been to be a “good person first”. With these behaviors, my main goal has been to be an exemplary father to my daughters and an exemplary person in life. I hope to achieve these and help my family, environment and patients for a better and healthier life,

With Love and Regards...

Ahmet Ziya Balta

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